While big is Good.

We think small is Great.


At Cube Cabins we reckon that while big is good, small is GREAT!

There are plenty of well documented advantages to living small. All our buildings are designed to maximise your quality of living while minimising your short and long term expenditure.

Lower costs

It costs less to build or purchase and your maintenance costs and energy bills are lower.

More space

Having a smaller footprint on your land gives you more space to utilise.

Environmentally friendly

Smaller spaces mean a lower impact on the environment.

Cube Cabins

Cube has a range of 10m2 cabins that are generally able to be placed on site with no Building Consent (subject to placement rules). Small, solid and stylish our cabins are fully insulated and come complete ready to move in with smoke alarms and curtain rails. Our clients have used Cube’s for everything from a sleepout, home office, nail studio, art gallery, hair salon, worker accommodation and site offices. Cube Cabins are available to rent, to purchase or even rent to own.

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Tiny Homes

Cube has a variety of studio, one and two bedroom Tiny Homes. Our Tiny Homes range from 20m2 to 45m2, are heavily insulated, constructed of quality materials and are designed to maximise your quality of living while minimising both short and long term expenditure. We have a strong compliance focus, so no ‘put it on wheels’ shortcuts here, all our homes are designed to be fully compliant and consented with a wide range of foundation options from insulated solar heated concrete slabs to steel screw piles. Our clients range from first home buyers taking that affordable first step on the property ladder through to air BnB operators, property investors increasing yields through adding second dwellings and economical options for farmers/orchardists staff accommodation.

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Construction Partners

Cube Cabins is proud to work with the following construction partners